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Comments from audience members

"Really enjoyed the show" - Rick and Karen Daniels

"...thought the Panto was amazing, I saw it on Thursday with Lynn. Brilliant script and story, loads of fun in-jokes for Luxembourg and still completely panto-esque! My 10-year old also had a great time! If you get a chance pass my congratulations to all who worked on it, they did a great job!" - Dominique Marron

"The play was great, my students really enjoyed it especially Josephine singling me out the whole evening!" - Jessica Ogg (Vauban School)

"I truly enjoyed the show on Saturday PM ! Thank you all for your performance it was grea!" - Laurence Pry

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the Pantomime yesterday evening. I thought it was brilliant and very, very clever. The singing, dancing, acting and jokes were superb. The set was amazing and what a lovely touch to have the children as Minions!! Many thanks for everybody's hard work in making such an enjoyable evening. Pauline Lloyd

"....want to tell you that we really enjoyed the performance, the team did a great job again (I came last year), actors, costumes and décors were gorgeous. We liked the puns / clichés about the countries, and about Luxembourg too!" - JosianeMeissener

Good morning Pirates! just wish to say how much we enjoyed Melusina, and how clever you were to include and make so much of your ideas of the Gelle Fra, the bathtub explosion(brilliant!), We built this city(more brilliant),bringing in some of the dreaded Brexit negotiations........ I am prob. the only person who has never seen Despicable Me so had no idea who the football supporter in stripey scarf was and why(altho obviously everyone else did), also allthe little people in yellow tops. It was all just lovely, the dancing, singing, orchestra. So much time given by so many people to entertain us. Surely that special scene' We built this city^' with the clever way that backdrop progressed could be used somewhere else in Luxembourg including the singing at the same time. ? such a shame for it not to be seen by thousands as it is so very good. Have a lovely weekend and well done everyone. Cynthia Albrecht.