Diary of Events
Oliver! Video Night
Sunday 3rd Feb 201916:00

Finally - only 2 years late - we will be presenting the Oliver Video!

There will be drinks and food available.

If you have ordered a DVD or Video on a stick, you can collect it that afternoon

11th, 12th, 17th, 22nd and 23rd of January 2019

Following her critically acclaimed production of Kindertransport, which premiered at the Queen’s Theatre in Hornchurch to rave reviews and then toured Luxembourg and the UK, Anne Simon returns this season with a repertoire she loves and handled so well in her production of All New People in 2016: the edgy, witty, and dark American comedy.

Aaron Posner’s Stupid Fucking Bird is an irreverent, contemporary, and very funny remix of Chekhov’s famous The Seagull, containing all the intensity, tragedy and most importantly the humour which Chekhov was a master at, while maintaining the essence of Chekhov’s iconic story – and the bird in the title.

Kind, hopeful Dev suffers from an unrequited love for Mash, who is desperately in love with Con, a passionate playwright, who is deeply in love with Nina, his beautiful, vibrant muse, who seems to love him back, until she becomes entranced by Trigorin, a literary star who happens to be dating Con’s mother Emma, a successful, but terribly commercial actress – in the eyes of her son. With a dead bird, a gun, and a little help from the audience, Con might be able to win Nina’s heart again or at least feed his own tentative, morbid creativity...

In this funny and compassionate reboot of Chekhov’s classic, Posner has created a strong, energetic ensemble piece, a hilarious and moving meditation on love, life, and art. Whereas The Seagull already deals with the timeless battle between young and old, past and present, theatre and reality in search of the true meaning of it all, Posner’s template will see Anne Simon take this premise a step further. She intends to push the boundaries of the play within a play as her version will see a troupe of mixed international actors try to mount the Russian dramatist’s expectationladen coming-of-age story. In the process, they might well end up facing the same questions and struggles as the characters in the play: reconsidering how art, love, and revolution fuel their own individual pursuit of happiness.

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Théâtre des Capucins
Audition for Melusina the Panto
Sunday 10th Feb at 14:00

A list of Characters and synopsis will be available soon

Harmonie Municipal Schifflange
Audition for Melusina the Panto
Sunday 17th Feb at 14:00

A list of Characters and synopsis will be available soon

Harmonie Municipal Schifflange
New World Theatre Club: The Seagull by Anton Chekhov
February 27-March 3 2019

directed by John Brigg.

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Kultuhaus, Mersch
Pirates 40th Anniversary
June 15th 7pm

More details to follow

Hotel Parc Alvisse
Melusina the Pantomime*
Thu, Fri & Sat at 19:30 plus Sat, Sun at 14:30

Fun for all the family as we re-tell the Story of Luxembourg's Melusina with a few twists and lots of jokes.




*For those not familiar with the British Pantomime tradition, this is a show with talking, songs, dancing and audience participation - especially from children is not only welcomed but required.

Centre Culturel Kinneksbond - Marmer