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Tom and the Magic Door

Tom Freeman and the magic door or...Once upon a time somewhere or....

A musical for nine actors, five singers, seven dancers and seven musicians

A traveler is asleep on a bench in a forlorn bus station, his guitar case as sole luggage. Where he came from is forgotten, where he goes unclear.

Helped by a mystical grocery store owner, a drug dealer, a mysterious lady in blue, a kung fu master and a policeman, and accompanied by the music of Suzanne Vega, Michael Franks, Tania Maria and Johann Sebastian Bach, he will go on a journey through an underworld where space and time behave strangely.

Auditions will be held on:

  • Sun 23rd Apr 2023 14:00 at Waldorf School, Rue de l'Avenir, Luxembourg-Limpertsberg

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