Year Show Title Director(s) Musical Director(s)
2023 Tom and the Magic Door
2022 Too Darn Hot! Neil Johnson Philip Dutton
2021 We Need a Little Christmas Valerie Scott & Philip Dutton Philip Dutton
2020 Broadway Stories Eric Gherardi Eric Gherardi
2019 Melusina The Pantomime Rachel Parker and Neil Johnson Eric Gherardi
2019 40th Anniversary Philip Dutton
2018 Young Frankenstein Neil Johnson Phiip Dutton
2018 Harlem Hotel Concert Julien Farlin Eric Gherardi
2017 Scrooge the musical Philip Dutton Eric Gherardi
2017 Lost in the Stars Rachel Parker Philip Dutton
2017 Showtime - The Best of Broadway Eric Gherardi Eric Gherardi
2016 Harlem Hotel Nataša Vlaović and Julien Farlin Nataša Vlaović and Julien Farlin
2016 Oliver! Neil Johnson Philip Dutton
2015 Starting Here Starting Now Allison Kingsbury and Philip Dutton Mick Swithinbank
2014 Seasons of Love Philip Dutton Philip Dutton
2013 The Jazz Club Nataša Vlaović and Julien Farlin Nataša Vlaović and Julien Farlin
2012 Nunsense Neil Johnson Philip Dutton
2012 Aladdin 2012 Steve Preston Philip Dutton
2011 Wine and Folk Rachel Parker & Alex Teligadas Philip Dutton
2010 Calamity Jane Neil Johnson Philip Dutton
2010 Showstoppers Elizabeth Venner Elizabeth Venner
2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie Dominique Vitali Philip Dutton
2009 Side by Side by Sondheim Allison Kingsbury Philip Dutton
2008 Music Hall and Cox and Box Pam Carlisle Liz Turner and Alan Carlisle
2007 Wine and Toons Alex Teligadas Philip Dutton, Liz Turner
2006 La Cage aux Folles Chris Wilson & Dominique Vitali Philip Dutton
2005 Man of La Mancha Brian Parker Philip Dutton
2005 Wine and Comedy Steve Preston (Organiser) Various
2004 Showtime Dominique Vitali Philip Dutton
2004 Wine and Song Rachel Parker Liz Turner and Jackie Fleming
2003 Stepping Out Karim Hyatt Choreography by Dominique Vitali
2003 Cabaret Dinner Steve Preston (Organiser) Various
2003 Cinderella 2003 Steve Preston Alan Carlisle
2002 Company Brian Parker Pete Heley
2001 Me and My Girl Carole Williams Jim Jobe & Paul Barker
2000 21st Anniversary Celebration Various Various
1999 Curtain Call Carole Williams Liz Turner & Jackie Fleming
1998 Showbitz Carole Williams Paul Barker & Liz Turner
1998 The Grand Old Duke of York Brian Parker & K Hyatt Alan Carlisle
1997 Oklahoma Eileen Nober Peggy Jenks
1996 The Mikado (1996) Stuart Alexander Dafydd Bullock
1996 Music Hall Angela Milne Liz Turner
1995 Fiddler on the Roof Carrie O'Brien Alan Carlisle
1994 Ring Forth Ye Bells Stuart Alexander, Pam Rice Alan Carlisle
1993 Dick Whittington Sheila Martin Dafydd Bullock
1992 A Song to Sing, O! Stuart Alexander, Pam Rice Alan Carlisle
1992 Oedipus Tyrannus Jamie Reid-Baxter Dafydd Bullock
1991 Hickoway Dickoway Dock Jamie Reid-Baxter Dafydd Bullock
1989 10th Anniversary dinner Organised by Pam Rice Various pianists
1989 Pirates of Penzance (10th Anniversary) Jane Carter Yvonne Hay
1989 Jack and the Beanstalk Jamie Reid-Baxter Paul Barker
1988 Trial By Jury (Love is a plaintiff song) Stuart Alexander Accompanied by Pauline Saunders
1987 Ruddigore Jane Carter Alan Carlisle
1987 The Sorcerer Victoria Gilbert Alan Carlisle
1986 HMS Pinafore Jane Carter Yvonne Hay
1985 Old Time Music Hall Jane Carter Alan Carlisle
1984 The Gondoliers Jane Carter Alan Carlisle
1984 It's Those Pirates Again Various. Jim Larkin
1984 The Mother Goose Show Jane Carter Alan Carlisle
1983 Patience Jane Carter Jim Larkin
1982 Lilac Time Jane Carter Jim Larkin
1982 The Fantasticks David Ward Jim Larkin
1982 Cinderella 1982 Peter Carr-North Jim Larkin
1981 Trial by Jury Jane Carter Jim Larkin
1981 The Mikado (1981) Jane Carter Jim Larkin
1980 The Beggar's Opera Jackie Caminer Jim Larkin
1980 Aladdin Jackie Caminer Jim Larkin
1979 Pirates of Penzance Jackie Caminer Robin Alder