Diary of Events
Sat 26, Sun 27* & Wed 30 November PLUS Wed 7 & Tues 8 December at 20:00 (* start at 17:00)

Théâtre National Luxembourg presents


Tickets: €20

To reserve: click here ; info@luxembourgticket.lu; 47 08 95-1

Ambition, auditions, education, womanhood, dating, sex, period, friendship, trauma, love addiction, co-dependence, obsessive-compulsive disorder, therapy, music …

Lovefool is a one-woman play about Grace, a young woman hungry for affection and looking for love in the wrong places, who is forced to discover what healthy (self-) love might look like.

In her riveting play, the Luxembourgish author Gintare Parulyte explores with vulnerability and humor the effects of toxic masculinity and inequality, as well as those of life governed by gender expectations that are too confusing to fathom, let alone to enjoy. It’s about emotionally absent fathers, co-dependent mothers, and what unresolved traumas do to our ability to love and receive love as adults. But it’s also about hope for a better world and the power of (self-) awareness —the tools to heal and be able to lead a life filled with true love, self-respect, and purpose. Lovefool is heartbreaking and hilarious at the same time.

Location: Theatre National du Luxembourg (196 route de Longwy,, Luxembourg-Merl, L-1940)
NTLive presents Much Ado About Nothing
Thursday 8 December at 19:00

NTLive presents 

                 Much Ado About Nothing 

Tickets: Adults: €21; Over 60s: €16 

To reserve: click here ; info@luxembourgticket.lu; 47 08 95-1

Shakespeare’s much-loved comedy of new beginnings. Escape to the Italian Riviera. Since the 1930s, the legendary family-run Hotel Messina has been visited by artists, celebrities and royalty.  When the current owner’s daughter falls for a dashing young soldier, the hallways are ringing with the sound of wedding bells.  However, not all the guests are in the mood for love, and a string of deceptions soon surround not only the young couple, but also the steadfastly single Beatrice and Benedick. 

Location: cine Utopia (Avenue de Faïencerie, 16 , Luxembourg - Limpertsberg, 1510)
The Censor
Saturday 20, Tuesday 23 & Wednesday 24 May at 20:00

Kinneksbond presents 

                 The Censor 

Tickets: Adults: €22.50; Students: €8

To reserve: click here ; info@luxembourgticket.lu; 47 08 95-1

A female pornographer comes face to face with a censor – the man whose job is to determine whether her work can see the light of day. She needs to convince him to see beyond the graphic images if it’s ever going to stand a chance of being released.

But the war she’s fighting is about far more than just a movie. She dreams of a day when films like hers can be shown in every multiplex in the land, to every man, woman, and child. When that day comes, there’ll be no more repression, no more witch-hunts.

This production is directed by Anne Simon.  In Simon’s interpretation, the porn film, and the censoring thereof, stand in for the mechanisms at work to silence women – or any other minorityThe Censor becomes a parable for those century-old systems and narratives that maintain the Western patriarchal power structures in place. Rather than trying to reproduce the controversy the play sparked when first staged in 1997 over the now possibly less shocking explicitness of some scenes, Simon explores gender roles themselves and confronts the audience with how far their own gender biases and tropes influence the reading of a situation.

Location: Kinneksbond, Centre Culturel, Mamer (42 Route D Arlon, Mamer, L-8210)