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THIRTEEN – Audition Notice

The original script, written by director Neil Johnson, and will contain pop songs from the 60’s through to the 00’s. The cast of about 20 will contain roughly 50% of roles for younger actors aged of 10  to 18. Provisional dates for the performance of “THIRTEEN” are Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th April 2024. It is intended that rehearsals will start in early November.

A brief synopsis of the show:

A family of 5 from London move into a creepy, old house in Cornwall, situated between the moors and the sea. The children soon start to notice odd occurrences in the house, in particular a grandfather clock that sometimes chimes 13 times at the stroke of midnight. Several disturbing events occur and the family must battle supernatural forces and fight for their survival. Who amongst their new Cornish friends can be trusted? And who, if anyone, is willing to help?

Although this might sound more like a horror story than a light musical comedy, it will have plenty of humour and the “spooks” will be not be too …. Well, spooky!


The auditions will be held at the Waldorf School, 45 rue de l’Avenir, L-1147 Luxembourg.  There are two auditions:

Both auditions will be divided into 3 parts: acting, singing  and dance/movement. Everyone will be expected to audition for all three disciplines. You are welcome to attend the auditions even if you think you’re not much of a singer or dancer. There are roles for non-singers & those with 2 left feet!

What you should prepare: