Broadway Stories

Will be Performed at Centre Sportif Schifflange
| Fri 26th Mar 2021 | Sat 27th Mar 2021 | Sun 28th Mar 2021 |

Similar to the Showtime 1 & 2 productions, an evening filled with the best moments from various well-known musicals performed by a large wind orchestra, a chorus and solo singers, as well as dancers. The selection contains songs with various themes, from sad and serious to funny and joyful, ensuring that there is a good mix of different emotions and experiences throughout the show.

Some songs or medleys will be played instrumentally just by the orchestra, to feature the full palette of great sounds it can produce, some songs will have soloists performing them in accurate costume with props and a projected backdrop, some songs will feature 8 to 10 dancers, and some songs will have a chorus with or without soloists. This provides a good mix of different art forms combined to one colourful show.



Auditions for this show are complete and rehearsals are in progress