Jack and the Beanstalk
Performed in:1989 at Théâtre des Capucins
Sun 15th Jan 15:00 | Sun 15th Jan 20:30 | Tue 17th Jan 20:30 | Wed 18th Jan 20:30
Director: Jamie Reid-Baxter
Musical Director: Paul Barker

Role Name
Chorus Chris Albrecht
Chorus Paul Albrecht
Chorus Ciara Barker Ciara Murphy at time of show
Chorus Pietro Bianchessi
Chorus Anita De Viell
Chorus Maria Hackett
Chorus Marianne Heerebout
Chorus Amanda Hyatt-Allen Amanda Allen at time of show
Chorus Sonny Picard
Chorus Helen Stanners
Clarence Clanger Jamie Reid Baxter
Daisy the Cow; one of Fleshcreep's Minions John Overstall
Daisy the Cow; one of Fleshcreep's Minions Pauline Saunders
Dame Trot Ian Brooks
Fleshcreep Edward Seymour
Giant Blunderbore; chorus Simon Bennett
Jack Chloe Thomas
King Satupon Stuart Alexander
Mrs Margaret Blunderbore Fiona Turner Fiona Goudeket at time of show
Princess Melanie Christine Murphy
Silly Billy Roy Green
Span Patty Hachey
Spic Helen Mellett
The Vegetable Fairy Angela Milne
Hair Pat Chambers
Hair Name Withheld1
Lighting Hubert Wellenstein
Make-up Geraldine Ashton
Make-up Melanie Cardew
Make-up Louise Curwen
Make-up Danielle Meyer
Make-up Philippa Seymour
Make-up; Costumes Sally Cardew
Props Elizabeth Geiger
Props Laine Jacobs
Set building & special props Marco Courtehoute
Set building & special props Jules Kieffer
Sound Parminder Plahe
Stage Manager Roland Reinert
Costumes Penny Bardoni
Costumes Christine Buckston
Costumes Ruth Manning
Costumes Fiona Turner Fiona Goudeket at time of show
Costumes Bridget Turner
Director Jamie Reid Baxter
Musical Director Paul Barker
Programme Co-ordinator Pauline Saunders
Programme Co-ordinator, Publicity Angela Milne
Prompt Anne Spender
Percussion Patrick Bretin
Piano & keyboards Dafydd (David) Bullock
Rehearsal Pianist Yvonne Hay
Rehearsal Pianist Pauline Saunders
Trumpet Paul Barker