HMS Pinafore
Performed in:1986 at Casino Syndical de Bonnevoie
Thu 30th Jan 20:15 | Fri 31st Jan 20:15 | Sat 1st Feb 20:15 | Sat 1st Feb 14:45
Director: Jane Carter
Musical Director: Yvonne Hay

The Musical Director for "HMS Pinafore" was originally to be Marco Battistella; unfortunately he had to drop out (had an audition with Bernstein in New York!), and Yvonne Hay took over this demanding task at very short notice. Only two of the "British Tars" were in fact British!

Role Name
Boatswain's Mate Edward Seymour
British tar Pierre Borodkine
British tar Peter Butler
British tar Rick Butler
British tar Gerry Grosser
British tar Ken James
British tar Matthew Kahn
British tar Karl Keenan
British tar Jacob Kornbeck
British tar Bob Payne
British tar Ken Reid
British tar James Tierney
Captain Corcoran Stuart Alexander
Carpenter's Mate Roy Green
Cousin Hebe Cliodhna Dempsey
Dick Deadeye Hubert Wellenstein
Dressing-room Supervisor Michele Guerra
Josephine Pamela Carlisle Pamela Mason at time of show
Little Buttercup Hilary Guerra
Ralph Rackstraw Alan Carlisle
Sir Joseph Porter, KCB Les Woodhall
Sister, cousin, aunt Connie Behrendt
Sister, cousin, aunt Anneliese Dam Kofoed
Sister, cousin, aunt Leona Dotremont
Sister, cousin, aunt Olive Flynn
Sister, cousin, aunt Amy Griffith
Sister, cousin, aunt Pat Jackson
Sister, cousin, aunt Fernande Kieffer
Sister, cousin, aunt Anne-Louise Kroon
Sister, cousin, aunt Betsy Raymakers
Sister, cousin, aunt Morag Reinert
Sister, cousin, aunt Jane Sognstrup
Sister, cousin, aunt Margaret Tierney
Sister, cousin, aunt Mary Walsh
Hair Margaret Green
Lighting Clive Strawcross
Lighting Hubert Wellenstein
Make-up Geraldine Ashton
Make-up Sally Cardew
Make-up Louise Curwen
Make-up Linda Woodhall
Props, stage crew support Carol Cleland
Set building, stage crew Andy Goudeket
Set building, stage crew Roy Jackson
Set building, stage crew Roger Manning
Set building, stage crew Ruth Manning
Set building, stage crew Roland Reinert
Stage crew support Annabel Foreman
Box Office Angela Milne
Costumes Penny Bardoni
Costumes Marie Grimes
Director Jane Carter
Front of House Pamela Cohen-Mayorcas
Musical Director Yvonne Hay
Production Coordinator Fernande Kieffer
Production secretary Pamela Carlisle Pamela Mason at time of show
Prompt Anne Spender Anne Cattermole at time of show
Prompt Fiona Turner Fiona Goudeket at time of show
Stage Manager Roland Reinert
Bassoon John Peffer
Cello Stephen Harrison
Cello Alex Reinig
Clarinet Bert Kwant
Clarinet Katherine Sewell
Double Bass Geoff Piper
Flute Jos Dekker
Horn Patrick Coljon
Horn Michel Crinon
Oboe John Schadeck
Rehearsal pianist Miles Meredith
Rehearsal pianist Steve Russon
Trumpet René Hemmer
Viola Barbara Hall
Violin Chris Birch
Violin Joan Carlton
Violin Vivien Flynn
Violin Gertrud Hilf
Violin Fernand Reinig
Violin Danièle Wagner-Deriaz