Pamela Carlisle

Show (year) Role
THIRTEEN (2024) Box office
Tom and the Magic Door (2023) Box Office
Too Darn Hot! (2022) Box Office
G&S (2021) Singer
Melusina The Pantomime (2019) Box Office Manager
Young Frankenstein (2018) Box Office Manager
Harlem Hotel Concert (2018) Box Office
Scrooge the musical (2017) Box Office
Lost in the Stars (2017) Box Office and FOH
Showtime - The Best of Broadway (2017) Box Office
Harlem Hotel (2016) Box Office
Oliver! (2016) FOH
Starting Here Starting Now (2015) Front of House and Box Office
Aladdin 2012 (2012) Ghost
Aladdin 2012 (2012) Box Office
Wine and Folk (2011) Reservations and Front of House
Wine and Folk (2011) Box office
Calamity Jane (2010) Indian
Calamity Jane (2010) Box office & FOH
Showstoppers (2010) Box office, FOH
Thoroughly Modern Millie (2009) Assistant Producer
Thoroughly Modern Millie (2009) MAMA
Thoroughly Modern Millie (2009) Box office
Thoroughly Modern Millie (2009) Front of House
Side by Side by Sondheim (2009) Producer
Side by Side by Sondheim (2009) Box office & FOH
Side by Side by Sondheim (2009) Programme
Music Hall and Cox and Box (2008) Director
Music Hall and Cox and Box (2008) Box office & FOH
Music Hall and Cox and Box (2008) Programme
Wine and Toons (2007) Box office & FOH
Wine and Toons (2007) Programme
Man of La Mancha (2005) Box Office - Lead & FOH
Wine and Comedy (2005) Box Office & Front of House
Wine and Comedy (2005) Singer, Actress
Showtime (2004) Soloist
Wine and Song (2004) Soloist
Cabaret Dinner (2003) Performer
Cinderella 2003 (2003) Tickets and Front of House
Company (2002) Tickets, Front of House
Me and My Girl (2001) Lady Brighton
Curtain Call (1999) Reservations; Front of House
Showbitz (1998) Box Office & Front of House
The Grand Old Duke of York (1998) Ticket Sales & Front of House
Oklahoma (1997) Ticket Sales and Front of House
The Mikado (1996) (1996) Box Office; Front of House
Ring Forth Ye Bells (1994) Programme Co-ordinator
Ring Forth Ye Bells (1994) Singer, Bridesmaid in "Trial by Jury"
Dick Whittington (1993) Programme
A Song to Sing, O! (1992) Production Co-ordinator
A Song to Sing, O! (1992) Singer
Oedipus Tyrannus (1992) Moses, Priest
10th Anniversary dinner (1989) Organiser
10th Anniversary dinner (1989) Performer
Pirates of Penzance (10th Anniversary) (1989) One of the Stanley girls
Trial By Jury (Love is a plaintiff song) (1988) Plaintiff
Ruddigore (1987) Zorah, a well-meaning bridesmaid
Ruddigore (1987) Production secretary
The Sorcerer (1987) Aline, a maiden of quality
HMS Pinafore (1986) Josephine
HMS Pinafore (1986) Production secretary
Old Time Music Hall (1985) Singer, Dancer
The Gondoliers (1984) Fiametta, determined and enthusiastic contadina
It's Those Pirates Again (1984) Luisa in "The Fantasticks" excerpts
It's Those Pirates Again (1984) Yum-Yum (Drei M├Ąderl aus der schule)
It's Those Pirates Again (1984) Box Office
The Mother Goose Show (1984) Chorus
The Mother Goose Show (1984) Box Office, Front of House
Patience (1983) Lady Ella
Patience (1983) Box Office
Lilac Time (1982) Chorus
Lilac Time (1982) Box Office
Trial by Jury (1981) Chorus
The Mikado (1981) (1981) Chorus
Pirates of Penzance (1979) Make-up