Performed in:1987 at
Fri 20th Nov 20:30 | Sat 21st Nov 20:30
Director: Jane Carter
Musical Director: Alan Carlisle

Charity performance (accompanied by Yvonne Hay) given in Théâtre des Capucins

Role Name
Adam, an elderly retainer Philip Roe
Bridesmaid Charlotte Ploug
Bridesmaid Gussie Seymour
Bridesmaid Inge Sorensen
Buck/Blade Stuart Alexander
Buck/Blade Calvin Askew
Buck/Blade Paul Barker
Buck/Blade John Li
Buck/Blade Ken Reid
Buck/Blade Jamie Reid Baxter
Buck/Blade Hubert Wellenstein
Buck/Blade; Carruthers, a butler Roy Green
Dame Hannah, Rose Maybud's aunt, who has seen better days Hilary Guerra
Desirable maiden Annetje Beugelinck
Desirable maiden Kathy Capper
Desirable maiden Sally Cardew
Desirable maiden Eva Douma
Desirable maiden Margaret Green
Desirable maiden Anne-Louise Kroon
Desirable maiden Angela Milne
Desirable maiden Carrie Milne
Desirable maiden Mary Walsh
Mad Margaret, a lady with a problem Cliodhna Dempsey
Richard Dauntless, Robin's foster-brother Gilbert Johnston
Robin Oakapple, alias Sir Ruthven Murgatroyd Les Woodhall
Rose Maybud, a beautiful maiden Barbara Hall
Ruth, a well-spoken bridesmaid Fiona Turner Fiona Goudeket at time of show
Sir Despard Murgatroyd, Sir Ruthven's brother Edward Seymour
Sir Roderic Murgatroyd, a deceased relative Steve Russon
Zorah, a well-meaning bridesmaid Pamela Carlisle Pamela Mason at time of show
Costumes Sally Cardew
Costumes Gina de Groot
Costumes Ruth Manning
Costumes Fiona Turner Fiona Goudeket at time of show
Make-up Geraldine Ashton
Make-up Linda Woodhall
Props Elizabeth Geiger
Props Pauline Saunders
Stage crew Martin Cardew
Stage crew Roland Reinert
Stage crew Ken Saunders
Stage Manager Graham Fairfax-Jones
Box Office Anne Spender
Director Jane Carter
Lighting plot Alan Carlisle
Production Co-ordinator Edward Seymour
Production secretary Pamela Carlisle Pamela Mason at time of show
Set design Jane Carter
Cello Alex Reinig
Cello Jacqueline Steffen
Clarinet Bert Kwant
Clarinet David Spencer
Flute Jos Dekker
Horn Michel Crinon
Musical Director Alan Carlisle
Oboe John Schadeck
Orchestra Johannes Kuhner
Orchestra Jozef Lafleur
Orchestra Claude Reuter
Rehearsal pianist, Accompanist for charity performance Yvonne Hay
Violin Chris Birch
Violin Paul Dunstan
Violin Vivien Flynn
Violin Wendy Hall
Violin Gertrud Hilf
Violin Fernand Reinig
Violin Ute Seinecke
Violin Danièle Wagner-Deriaz