Love is a plaintiff song
Performed in:1988 at Ch√Ęteau d'Ansembourg
Sat 25th Jun 19:30
Director: Stuart Alexander
Musical Director: Accompanied by Pauline Saunders

a.k.a. Trial by Jury

Role Name
Judge Leo Mulders
Performer Stuart Alexander
Performer Dave Arnoll
Performer Annetje Beugelinck
Performer Pietro Bianchessi
Performer Anneliese Dam Kofoed
Performer Gina de Groot
Performer Roy Green
Performer Margaret Green
Performer Anne-Louise Kroon
Performer Charlotte Ploug
Performer Philip Roe
Performer Alexandra Schneider
Performer Edward Seymour
Performer Fiona Turner Fiona Goudeket at time of show
Performer Mary Walsh
Performer Hubert Wellenstein
Performer Julia Wildey
Plaintiff Pamela Carlisle Pamela Mason at time of show
Director Stuart Alexander
Accompanist Yvonne Hay
Accompanist Pauline Saunders