Pirates of Penzance (10th Anniversary)
Performed in:1989 at
Thu 23rd Nov 22:00 | Fri 24th Nov 20:00 | Fri 1st Dec 20:00
Director: Jane Carter
Musical Director: Yvonne Hay

Role Name
Belle Barbara Hall
Doctor of Divinity Peter Carr-North
Edith Ciara Barker
Frederick Alan Carlisle
Isabel Guini Seymour
James Jamie Reid Baxter
Kate Fiona Turner Fiona Goudeket at time of show
Major-General Stanley Les Woodhall
May Cliodhna Dempsey
One of the Stanley girls Annetje Beugelinck
One of the Stanley girls Pamela Carlisle Pamela Rice at time of show
One of the Stanley girls Mairead Cranfield
One of the Stanley girls Anita De Viell
One of the Stanley girls Jackie Fleming
One of the Stanley girls Margaret Green
One of the Stanley girls Amanda Hyatt-Allen
One of the Stanley girls Mary Walsh
Pirate, Policeman, Verger Stuart Alexander
Pirate, Policeman, Verger Dave Arnoll
Pirate, Policeman, Verger Ian Brooks
Pirate, Policeman, Verger Dafydd (David) Bullock
Pirate, Policeman, Verger Dominic Carter
Pirate, Policeman, Verger Roy Green
Pirate, Policeman, Verger Malcolm Turner
Ruth, a Piratical maid of all works Hilary Guerra
Sam Paul Barker
Sergeant of Police Steve Russon
The Pirate King Edward Seymour
Props Sally Cardew
Props Martin Cardew
Stage Manager Roland Reinert
Director Jane Carter
Musical Director Yvonne Hay
Rehearsal pianist Geoff Piper
Wardrobe Management Angela Milne