Me and My Girl
Performed in:2001 at
Thu 28th Jun 20:00 | Fri 29th Jun 20:00 | Sat 30th Jun 15:00 | Sat 30th Jun 20:00
Director: Carole Williams
Musical Director: Jim Jobe & Paul Barker

Role Name
Adrian de Hareford; Footman Simon Critchlow
Beth (maid) Sarah Wilkie
Bill Snibson Mike West
Bridget (Maid) Nathalie Verelst-Culot
Charles, the Butler Chris Bearne
Chef; Policeman; Cockney Paul Abel
Cook; Lady Diss Lucinda Jobe
Ellie (maid); Telegraph Boy Eleanor West
Grace, a Cockney; Dancer; Servant Candy Mathieu-Morrison Candy Morrison at time of show
Herbert Parchester, the Family Solicitor Stephen Wilkie
Jonathan de Hareford; Footman Jurgen Wouters
Joy, a Cockney; Dancer; Servant Stephanie Daer
Lady Battersby Fiona Turner
Lady Brighton Pamela Carlisle
Lady Huntingdon-Smythe Lesley Chesters
Lady Jacqueline Carstone Ciara Barker
Lady Wiltshire; Mrs Brown Jane Philpott
Lord Battersby Henry Wickens
Lord Damming Brenton Kelley
Lord French David Bustard
Lord Kendal Junior Thomas Wickens
Lord Kendal Senior Pietro Bianchessi
Maggie (maid) Claire Wilkie
Maria, Duchess of Dene Valerie Scott
Molly (maid) Miriam Maitland-Walker
Nancy, a Cockney; Dancer; Servant Karen MacDonald
Richard de Hareford; Footman Richard Wolseley
Rose, the Housekeeper Janice Allgrove
Sally Smith Danielle Wells
Simon de Hareford; Footman Chris Albrecht
Sir Jasper Tring Alex Teligadas
Sir John Tremayne Stuart Alexander
Sophia Stainsley-Asherton Carol Abel
The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke Neil Johnson
The Hon. May Miles Claire Wolseley
Tillie; Pearly Queen; Dancer; Servant Catherine Hodds
Tommy; Pearly King; Thomas de Hareford; Footman Geoff Stevens
Costumes Catherine Hodds
Costumes Carole Williams
Hair Pat Chambers
Lighting Anthony McCarthy
Lighting Paul O'Sullivan
Make-up Judy-Anne Milne
Props Anne Bearne
Props Enid Isaac
Props Kate Plahe
Set Production Chris Bearne
Set Production John Brigg
Set Production Lucinda Jobe
Set Production Colin Myers
Set Production Linda Myers
Set Production Nico Schintgen
Set Production Malcolm Turner
Set Production Liz Turner
Director Carole Williams
Director's Assistant Amanda Hyatt-Allen
Musical Director Jim Jobe
Poster Design Lucinda Jobe
Poster Design Liz Turner
Publicity & Programme Rachel Parker
Set Co-ordinator John Hall
Set Designer John Brigg
Stage Manager Linda Myers
Band Leader; Trumpet Paul Barker
Piano / Keyboards Jackie Fleming
Piano / Keyboards Liz Turner
Rehearsal pianist Alan Carlisle
Rehearsal pianist Jackie Fleming
Rehearsal pianist Liz Turner