Liz Turner

Show (year) Role
G&S (2021) Singer
Melusina The Pantomime (2019) Keyboard
Melusina The Pantomime (2019) Set
40th Anniversary (2019) Singer (Alto)
Young Frankenstein (2018) Keyboard 2
Young Frankenstein (2018) Rearsal Pianist
Scrooge the musical (2017) Rehearsal pianist
Scrooge the musical (2017) Keyboard II
Lost in the Stars (2017) Piano / keyboard
Lost in the Stars (2017) Poster design
Oliver! (2016) Piano
Aladdin 2012 (2012) Poster Design
Wine and Folk (2011) Assistant musical director
Wine and Folk (2011) Poster
Calamity Jane (2010) Flags, swags, bunting & on-stage posters
Showstoppers (2010) Rehearsal Accompanist
Thoroughly Modern Millie (2009) Poster Deign
Side by Side by Sondheim (2009) Rehearsal Pianist
Side by Side by Sondheim (2009) Poster Design
Music Hall and Cox and Box (2008) Accompanist
Music Hall and Cox and Box (2008) Poster, Props, Puppets
Wine and Toons (2007) Assistant musical director and Pianist
Wine and Toons (2007) Soloist
Wine and Toons (2007) Props and set
Wine and Toons (2007) Costumes
La Cage aux Folles (2006) Set
La Cage aux Folles (2006) Piano / Keyboard
La Cage aux Folles (2006) Set
Man of La Mancha (2005) Prisoner / Housekeeper
Man of La Mancha (2005) Rehearsal Pianist
Man of La Mancha (2005) Set construction & Painting
Wine and Comedy (2005) Pianist
Showtime (2004) Rehearsal pianist
Wine and Song (2004) Musical Director and Pianist
Wine and Song (2004) Soloist
Stepping Out (2003) Mrs Fraser
Stepping Out (2003) Poster, Programme
Cabaret Dinner (2003) Accompanist
Cinderella 2003 (2003) Set Design/Construction
Cinderella 2003 (2003) Piano, Rehearsal Pianist
Company (2002) Piano, Rehearsal Pianist
Me and My Girl (2001) Piano / Keyboards
Me and My Girl (2001) Poster Design
Me and My Girl (2001) Set Production
Me and My Girl (2001) Rehearsal pianist
21st Anniversary Celebration (2000) Pianist - Panto, Reviews
Curtain Call (1999) Accompanist
Curtain Call (1999) Auditionee
Showbitz (1998) Set Design & Construction
Showbitz (1998) Piano; Rehearsal pianist
The Grand Old Duke of York (1998) Piano, Rehearsal pianist
The Grand Old Duke of York (1998) Set Design
The Grand Old Duke of York (1998) Poster design & Art work
Oklahoma (1997) Rehearsal Accompanist
Oklahoma (1997) Set Design
Music Hall (1996) Musical Director
Music Hall (1996) Poster Design
Fiddler on the Roof (1995) Rehearsal pianist
Ring Forth Ye Bells (1994) Singer, Counsel for the Plaintiff in "Trial by Jury"
A Song to Sing, O! (1992) Singer
Oedipus Tyrannus (1992) Set Design, help with costumes