Curtain Call
Performed in:1999 at Parish Hall, Gasperich
Wed 24th Nov 20:00 | Thu 25th Nov 20:00 | Fri 26th Nov 20:00 | Sat 27th Nov 20:00
Director: Carole Williams
Musical Director: Liz Turner & Jackie Fleming

24th to 27th November

Role Name
Auditionee Carol Abel
Auditionee Janice Allgrove
Auditionee Deborah Anderson
Auditionee Ciara Barker
Auditionee Els-Marie Beekman
Auditionee Ian Brooks
Auditionee Simon Critchlow
Auditionee Jackie Fleming
Auditionee Gav Guilfoyle
Auditionee John Hall
Auditionee Karim Hyatt
Auditionee Amanda Hyatt-Allen
Auditionee Lucinda Jobe
Auditionee Neil Johnson
Auditionee Brenton Kelly
Auditionee Angela Milne
Auditionee Valérie Naisse
Auditionee Brian Parker
Auditionee Jane Philpott
Auditionee Steve Preston
Auditionee Valerie Scott
Auditionee Geoff Stevens
Auditionee Alex Teligadas
Auditionee Barbara Thomson
Auditionee Liz Turner
Auditionee Edith Van Den Heuvel
Auditionee Alexandra Vezzio
Auditionee Danielle Wells
Auditionee Mike West
Auditionee Stephen Wilkie
Auditionee Carole Williams
The Director Chris Bearne
Barman Alan Carlisle
Barman André Feltes
Barman Colin Myers
Barman Serge Pogorzelski
Barman Campbell Thomson
Gofor Extraordinaire Eleanor West
Lighting John Brigg
Lighting Anthony McCarthy
Lighting Hubert Wellenstein
Make up, Hair Helen Collins
Costumes Calotta Gattis
Director Carole Williams
Director, Romantic Medley John Hall
Front of House Heather McCarthy
Front of House Lisa Myers
Front of House Eileen Nober
Front of House Jo Patrick
Front of House Tina Ruff
Front of House Chris Wilson
Producer/Assistant Director; Publicity/Programme Linda Myers
Publicity/Programme Janice Allgrove
Publicity/Programme Valerie Scott
Publicity/Programme Geoff Stevens
Publicity/Programme; Costumes Lucinda Jobe
Reservations; Front of House Pamela Carlisle
Accompanist Jackie Fleming
Accompanist Liz Turner