Athena Teligadas

Show (year) Role
THIRTEEN (2024) Ms. Athena Trelawny (Acolyte)
Harlem Hotel Concert (2018) Betty-Lou
Scrooge the musical (2017) Mrs Dilber
Lost in the Stars (2017) Stage Manager
Harlem Hotel (2016) Bettie-Lou
Harlem Hotel (2016) Production Team
Oliver! (2016) Chorus3
Starting Here Starting Now (2015) Stage Manager
Seasons of Love (2014) Singer
The Jazz Club (2013) the know-it-all
Aladdin 2012 (2012) Chorus
Wine and Folk (2011) Singer
Calamity Jane (2010) Townswoman
Showstoppers (2010) Singer
Showstoppers (2010) Costumes
Thoroughly Modern Millie (2009) Front of House
Side by Side by Sondheim (2009) Publicity
Wine and Toons (2007) Costumes
Wine and Toons (2007) Costumes
Wine and Comedy (2005) Dancer
Curtain Call (1999) Auditionee