Wine and Comedy
Performed in:2005 at
Thu 26th May 20:00 | Fri 27th May 20:00 | Sat 28th May 20:00
Director: Steve Preston (Organiser)
Musical Director: Various

Role Name
Actor Adrian Diffey Assisted Fran Potasnik in "Memories", Spoonerism sketch
Actor Julian Nest "The History of Comedy", "A Helping Hand"
Actor Malcolm Turner "The History of Comedy", "Address by the Chairman", "A Helping Hand"
Compere Geoff Stevens
Dancer Beverley Atkinson "King of Broadway"
Dancer Nathalie Feltes "King of Broadway"
Dancer Julie Fraser "King of Broadway"
Dancer Tina Gibson "King of Broadway"
Dancer Gwladys Guillory "King of Broadway"
Dancer Barbara Hess "King of Broadway"
Dancer Pernille Kjeldmann "King of Broadway"
Dancer Carolina Lazo "King of Broadway"
Dancer Clare Markey "King of Broadway"
Dancer David Mittel "King of Broadway"
Dancer Ivett Ortiz "King of Broadway"
Dancer Lidija Sever "King of Broadway"
Dancer Zlatko Sever "King of Broadway"
Dancer Athena Teligadas "King of Broadway"
Singer Stuart Alexander "Vultures" barbershop
Singer Amanda Hyatt-Allen Member of "The Accidentals"
Singer Neil Johnson "Vultures" barbershop, "The Lonesome Pine"
Singer Randy Melton "There's a hole in my bucket"
Singer Jane Wickens Member of "Cantique"
Singer, Actor Brian Parker "Vultures" barbershop, The History of Comedy"
Singer, Actor Steve Preston "Vultures" barbershop, A Good Morning's Cricket", The History of Comedy, "Sister Josephine", "The Lonesome Pine"
Singer, Actor Alex Teligadas "Vultures" Barbershop, various sketches
Singer, Actor Henry Wickens Member of "Cantique", "The Conductor" sketch
Singer, Actress Pamela Carlisle Member of "Cantique", "The Conductor" sketch
Singer, Actress Fran Potasnik "Memories", Spoonerism sketch
Singer, Dancer Ciara Barker Member of "The Accidentals", Dancer in "King of Broadway"
Singer, Dancer Philip Dutton "Vultures" barbershop, dancer in "King of Broadway"
Singer, Dancer Valerie Scott
Singer, Dancer Dominique Vitali Member of "The Accidentals", "King of Broadway" soloist
Singer, Reciter Alan Carlisle Member of "Cantique", "Albert and the Lion"
Lighting Anthony McCarthy
Sound Tomas Bremin
Box Office & Front of House Pamela Carlisle
Production & Publicity Steve Preston
Wine Pourers and Gofers Hilary Guerra and others, not mentioned in programme
Wine Tasting Co-ordinator André Feltes
Pianist Philip Dutton
Pianist Liz Turner