Philip Dutton

Show (year) Role
The Sound of Music (2024) Assistant Director & set construction
The Sound of Music (2024) Trumpet
THIRTEEN (2024) Poster design
THIRTEEN (2024) Set construction
Tom and the Magic Door (2023) Stage Manager
Too Darn Hot! (2022) MD
We Need a Little Christmas (2021) Musical Director
Broadway Stories (2020) Assistant Musical Director
Broadway Stories (2020) Chorus
Melusina The Pantomime (2019) Set and projections
Melusina The Pantomime (2019) Chorus / British Nasty
Melusina The Pantomime (2019) Set builder
40th Anniversary (2019) MD
Young Frankenstein (2018) Musical Director
Young Frankenstein (2018) Set design
Young Frankenstein (2018) Poster design
Harlem Hotel Concert (2018) Joe
Harlem Hotel Concert (2018) Co Producer
Scrooge the musical (2017) Director
Scrooge the musical (2017) Sound effects
Scrooge the musical (2017) Projections
Scrooge the musical (2017) Props
Scrooge the musical (2017) Poster design
Lost in the Stars (2017) Trumpet
Lost in the Stars (2017) Musical Director
Showtime - The Best of Broadway (2017) Sound
Harlem Hotel (2016) Joe
Harlem Hotel (2016) Production Team
Oliver! (2016) Musical Director
Starting Here Starting Now (2015) Co-director
Seasons of Love (2014) Director
Seasons of Love (2014) Piano
The Jazz Club (2013) Backing tracks & Poster
The Jazz Club (2013) Trumpet
Nunsense (2012) Musical Director
Nunsense (2012) Synthesiser
Aladdin 2012 (2012) Musical Director
Aladdin 2012 (2012) Keyboards
Wine and Folk (2011) Keyboards, recorder,
Wine and Folk (2011) Musical Director
Calamity Jane (2010) Musical Director
Thoroughly Modern Millie (2009) Musical Director
Side by Side by Sondheim (2009) Musical Director
Side by Side by Sondheim (2009) Video
Side by Side by Sondheim (2009) Rehearsal pianist
Music Hall and Cox and Box (2008) Singer
Music Hall and Cox and Box (2008) Video
Music Hall and Cox and Box (2008) Video
Wine and Toons (2007) Musical Director
Wine and Toons (2007) Wine / food helper
Wine and Toons (2007) Wine & Food helpers
Wine and Toons (2007) Video
La Cage aux Folles (2006) Musical Director
Man of La Mancha (2005) Musical Director
Man of La Mancha (2005) Musical Director
Wine and Comedy (2005) Singer, Dancer
Wine and Comedy (2005) Pianist
Showtime (2004) Musical Director