Wine and Toons
Performed in:2007 at
Wed 2nd May 19:30 | Thu 3rd May 19:30 | Fri 4th May 19:30 | Sat 5th May 16:00 | Sat 5th May 19:30
Director: Alex Teligadas
Musical Director: Philip Dutton, Liz Turner

2nd-5th May 2007

Role Name
Chorus Chris Albrecht Dwarf, dog, elephant, monkey
Chorus Hilary Guerra Dwarf. elephant, monkey
Chorus Neil Johnson Vulture
Chorus Isabelle Thepin Dwarf elephant monkey
Soloist Stuart Alexander Tigger, vulture, dog
Soloist Allison Kingsbury Dwarf, Beauty and the beast, Elephant, A Whole New World, Monkey
Soloist Randy Melton
Soloist Brian Parker
Soloist Rachel Parker
Soloist Steve Preston
Soloist Katerina Rus Dwarf, Colours of the Wind, Monkey
Soloist Liz Turner
Soloist Stephen Wilkie Dwarf, dog, vulture, Cruella de Vil
Assistant Stage Manager Mike West
Costumes Ria Favoreel-Mordijck
Costumes Athena Teligadas
Costumes Liz Turner
Costumes Malcolm Turner
Follow spot operator Valerie Scott
Lighting Anthony McCarthy
Props and set Liz Turner
Sound Tomas Bremin
Stage Manager, props and set Malcolm Turner
Staging and choreography Dominique Vitali
Wine & Food helpers Zlatko Sever
Box office & FOH Pamela Carlisle
Chef André Feltes
Chief Sommelier & FOH Valerie Scott
Choreography coach Allison Kingsbury
Director Alex Teligadas
FOH Hilary Guerra
Poster Steve Preston
Producer, Publicity, programme Steve Preston
Production Assistant Rachel Parker
Programme Pamela Carlisle
Video Philip Dutton
Wine / food helper Alan Carlisle
Wine / food helper Philip Dutton
Wine & Food helpers Alan Carlisle
Wine & Food helpers Philip Dutton
Wine & Food helpers Zeta Field
Wine & Food helpers Julie Fraser
Wine & Food helpers Martin Gardiner
Wine & Food helpers Tina Gibson
Wine & Food helpers Barbara Hall
Wine & Food helpers Barbara Hess
Wine & Food helpers Pernille Kjeldmann
Wine & Food helpers David Mittel
Wine & Food helpers Jane Philpott
Wine & Food helpers Fran Potasnik
Wine & Food helpers Marina Tomašić
Wine & Food helpers Chris Wilson
Assistant musical director and Pianist Liz Turner
Musical Director Philip Dutton
Pianist Jackie Fleming