40th Anniversary
Performed in:2019 at Parc Alvisse Hotel
Sat 15th Jun 19:00
Musical Director: Philip Dutton

A dinner with entertainment to celebrate Pirates foundation in 1979. Songs were chosen from shows performed since the 21st birthday event.

Role Name
Compare Dominique Vitali
Singer (Alto) Beverley Atkinson
Singer (Alto) Victoria Ball
Singer (Alto) Zeta Field
Singer (Alto) Jackie Fleming
Singer (Alto) Ruth Gillen
Singer (Alto) Lucinda Jobe
Singer (alto) Madalina Marincu
Singer (Alto) Linda Myers
Singer (Alto) Ene Saare
Singer (Alto) Nicole Steffen
Singer (Alto) Liz Turner
Singer (Alto) Valeria Zaza
Singer (Bariotone) Chris Albrecht
Singer (Baritone) William Stock
Singer (Baritone) Alex Teligadas
Singer (Baritone) Stephen Wilkie
Singer (mezzo or alto) Fiona Turner
Singer (Mezzo) Ciara Barker
Singer (Mezzo) Zsofia Eberhard
Singer (Mezzo) CĂ©line Planata
Singer (Mezzo) Carole Williams
Singer (soprano) Veronica Badea
Singer (Soprano) Catriona Gillham
Singer (Soprano) Barbara Hall
Singer (Soprano) Jennie Kenton
Singer (Soprano) Natasha Liati-Jones
Singer (Soprano) RachelKathryn Lloyd
Singer (Soprano) Maiken Thamdrup
Singer (Tenor) Victor Bonanno
Singer (Tenor) Eric Gherardi
Singer (Tenor) Neil Johnson
Singer (Tenor) Vital Pourprix
Singer (Tenor) Valerie Scott
Singer (Tenor) Simon Taylor-Kielty
Singer (Tenor) Michael Watson
MD Philip Dutton